Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Saturday, June 14th
Orioles Game
Sleep at Darin and TC's

Sunday, June 15th
Leave at 8am
Drive to Pittsburgh
Carnegie Museums (Art and Natural History)
Drive to Cleveland

Monday, June 16th
Roughly 9 hour drive (Google)
Saint Louis

Tuesday, June 17th
Cardinals Game @ 7:15pm

Wednesday, June 18th
Touch Kansas
Drive through the Ozarks
Sleep somewhere on the way to Dallas (whatever's cheap)

Thursday, June 19th
Texas Rangers Game @ 1:00
Drive to Houston?

Friday, June 20th
Drive to Austin
Hang out in Austin

Saturday, June 21st
Hang out in Austin

Sunday, June 22nd
Drive to Abilene for lunch
Drive to Carlsbad area

Monday, June 23rd
Guadalupe Mountains NP
Guadalupe Peak Hike

Tuesday, June 24th
Carlsbad Caverns NP
White Sands NM
Drive towards Tuscon
Saguaro NP?

Wednesday, June 25th
Drive to Grand Canyon

Thursday, June 26th
Grand Canyon NP
South Rim
Drive to Kanab

Friday, June 27th
Zion NP
That trail that JT talked about that we missed last time
Drive to Las Vegas (or past it, if possible Indian Springs,NV?)

Saturday, June 28th
Leave damn early
Drive through Death Valley NP
Drive to Sequoia NP (Visalia, CA?)

Sunday, June 29th
Sequoia NP/King's Canyon NP

Monday, June 30th
Sequoia NP/King's Canyon NP
Drive through Yosemite NP
Lee Vining, CA (possible to stay here???)

Tuesday, July 1st
Drive to Moab, UT

Wednesday, July 2nd
Arches NP
Drive to Boulder

Thursday, July 3rd
Rocky Mountain NP

Friday, July 4th

Saturday, July 5th
Drive to Devils Tower
Devils Tower
Drive to Rapid City

Sunday, July 6th
Mount Rushmore
Drive to Theodore Roosevelt NP
Theodore Roosevelt NP
Drive to Billings, or farther?

Monday, July 7th
Yellowstone NP

Tuesday, July 8th
Grand Teton NP

Wednesday, July 9th
Drive towards Seattle

Thursday, July 10th

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yep. That's me chillin' on the New Haven green like a bum. Three hours
ago I was writing a paper, last two hours I've been enjoying some
fantastic live music. Temple Grill for dinner + drinks in half an
hour. Good times.

spring fling

Saturday, April 26, 2008

indian lake

indian lake

dawn at indian lake

indian lake

Friday, April 25, 2008

five nights

Wednesday: 7pm through 12am @ Beer tasting and Hot Tomato's
Thursday: 6pm through 3am @ LDP, Black Bear, and Club Med
Friday through Sunday: Bachelor party.

Seems like spring is here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

beer tasting

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the merrier month of may

...add on a Red Sox home game at Fenway.

After that, Yankees Stadium, Shea, and Fenway will have been experienced. Might also hit up games with the Orioles, Nationals, Astros, Pirates, Cardinals, Rangers, and Rockies while driving across the country. Why not? Evenings are usually downtime anyway.

the merry month of may

List of activities, in no particular order:
Visit the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston
Watch the Daily Show - in person
Indians game in Cleveland
Visit the Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland
Visit Maia in Orlando
Class trip to the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL
Wine tasting with the Marketing professors
JT and Alissa's birthday and end of year celebration at Hula Hanks
One last final exam, one last project, and one last paper.

som students love free food... and schiller

Sunday, April 20, 2008

mission accomplished

I was sitting here on my computer listening to some music and playing this game that a friend of mine recommended on his blog. That, combined with the "heat" of a nice spring day in New Haven was apparently too much for my computer to bear. It overheated and shut itself down to keep itself from self-destructing (literally).

Sigh... That was the final straw that got me to do what I should have done a while ago - clean out my computer. 45 minutes later, the HSF can now support airflow. Instead of running at 60C+, it's now running at 50C, which is 10C less than it was earlier today (with the case off for that matter), and a full 6-8C less than what it generally ran over the past winter. It also booted up much much faster, perhaps because it wasn't throttling itself to keep itself from the brink of death as it's probably been doing for the past two years. Maybe I don't need a new computer after all! Just a bigger hard drive and more RAM...



Saturday, April 19, 2008


student loans

I remember the day when I was debt free. It was great while it lasted.

So due to the crap going on in the market recently the sweet deal that we get through our lender has disappeared. No more 0.5% rate reduction for paying on time (or whatever it was that we were getting). Either way, I now have to pay the full so-so 6.8% on my Staffords and the even more so-so 8.5% on my GradPLUS. I'll milk the former for what it's worth (although it's nowhere as nice as the 1-2% rate I had undergrad) and pay off the latter as quickly as possible.

One thing I will do though is pay off my accrued interest before it gets capitalized. (Reminder to self - pay $5,000 since that's what I can afford and still have money to travel and buy furniture before I start getting paid) One thing they still do that's nice is that additional interest doesn't get capitalized (so the interest is interest free, if that makes any sense at all). In normal speak, if you don't pay it before a certain date, it would be like getting an additional loan your interest.

Oh... and for '09ers and '10ers, you get stuck with paying origination fees - another few grand to the cost of education. Blame the bankers.

more credit cards

I think Malcolm Gladwell would classify me as a Maven when it comes to this. But here's the plan to be even more of a cheap-ass:

Primary card: Chase Freedom Rewards Visa
3% reward on top 3 categories from grocery, gas and convenience, fast food/quick service restaurants, utilities, drug stores, department stores, pets, phone, cable/satellite/internet, local commuting, gym, movie theatres, movie rentals, dry cleaners, salon/spa. 1% reward on everything else. I'll be using this more for grocery, gas, and a mystery third category. It also features automatic payment (so I don't have to worry about it) and a bonus $50 reward if I wait till I get $200 in rewards (virtually unattainable since rewards expire after 3 years).

Secondary card: Discover Miles Card
2% on travel and restaurants - the two things I probably spend a ton on see how I book random trips to DC just to hang out for a day and see a concert. 1% on everything else. And if you're wondering why I'm not speaking in terms of miles, its because 1 mile = 1 cent, and they reimburse your travel expenses based on dollar amount, or you can just get cash (which means it's just a regular rewards card).

Tertiary card: Chase Freedom Rewards Mastercard
This is the same card as the primary card, but I got two just to exploit it a bit more. I'll be using this one for automated bill payments for three categories of utilities, phone, and cable/internet/satellite. That should have a monthly balance of about $200, which saves me about $4 a month. I will then blow that money by flying out to DC to see a concert.

Convenience card: Citi Dividend Mastercard
1% reward, 2% on a number of categories that are redundant with Chase (I think it's grocery, gas, convenience, drug store, utilities). Still an awesome card, but no longer needed given the others. It's the "convenience" card because I have the card number memorized and it has the PayPass key fob that is accepted virtually nowhere. Silly Americans and their unjustified fear of contactless payment...

Travel card: First Internet Bank Visa
No reward, but it's the rare card that only charges a 1% fee on international transactions. If you like being raped with the 3% charge most other banks charge, that's all you. Their ATM is even better. That also charges only the 1%, which they then REIMBURSE up to $6. In Egypt I think we got away with just a dollar of fees. Good times.

Retired card: AMEX Blue
It's a trick. Unless you spend well over $1,000 a month on your card, it makes no sense to use it. Greg, I'm talking to YOU.

Friday, April 18, 2008

the best of times, the worst of times

The worst day this week - Monday:
8:30 - Wake up
9:30 -10:30 - Start preparing for 10:30 Negotiations meeting
10:30 -11:30 - Negotiations meeting
11:30 - 1:00 - Student Government meeting
1:00 - 2:20 - Class - Behavioral Perspectives on Management
2:40 - 4:00 - Class - Consumer Behavior
4:10 - 7:10 - Class - Negotiations
7:30 - 2:00 - Yearbook
and an 8:15 class the following morning!

Best day this week - Thursday:
7:45 - Wake up
8:15 - 9:35 - Class - Product Planning and Development
10:00 - 11:00 - Gym
11:00 - 1:30 - Football, frisbee, then more football in the courtyard, bid on items in the Internship Fund Auction
1:30 - 2:20 - Free good Indian food in the Hall of Mirrors
2:40 - 6:00 - Class - Strategic Leadership Across Sectors with CEOs from Blackstone, MBIA, and Webster Bank, plus others from Charlesbank, Credit Suisse, and ex-SEC chairman/SOM Dean Donaldson
6:00 - Haircut and change of clothes for the Internship Fund Auction
7:00 - Hang out with the guys in our apartment building's courtyard
7:30 - Show up at the auction
2:00 - Go home
and I needed to be at SOM at 9am today!

And now, I'm off to the FOURTH Study Group Celebratory dinner, a late celebration for Mamoun's offer at American Express!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Being able to get home by 7pm is awesome.
Being able to do nothing for several minutes without jeopardizing your ability to meet a deadline is awesome.
Buying four sets of plane tickets in the same month makes for a pretty nasty credit card bill.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

am i really moving to seattle?

Yes, although I'll be pulling many disappearing acts right after getting there. This will probably have some pretty negative implications for my social life there, but at least I already know people!

Mid-July: Arrive in Seattle
Jul 21: Start work
Jul 26-27: Go home to Cleveland
Aug 2-6: Brother comes to town
Aug 8-10: Wedding (not mine!)
Aug 16-17: DC
Sep 19-21: High school reunion
Oct 10-12: Yale, NYC

And in case you're wondering about the road trip, here's the tentative plan for everything before I get to Seattle:
Drive to Cleveland
Drive back to New Haven
Fly to Orlando
Drive to Hollywood, FL
Drive back to Orlando
Fly back to CT
Drive to Cleveland
Drive to Baltimore
Drive to DC
Fly to Seattle
Fly back to DC
Drive to Cleveland
to St. Louis
to Dallas
to Houston
to Austin
to Abilene? (because Paige told me there's food there)
to the Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns
to White Sands NM
to Saguaro NP
to Joshua Tree NP?
to Los Angeles
to Seqouia NP/Kings Canyon NP
to Death Valley NP
to Las Vegas
to Grand Canyon NP
to Zion NP
to Bryce Canyon NP?
to Arches NP
to Rocky Mountain NP?
to Badlands NP
to Theodore Roosevelt NP (because it happens to be a state I haven't been to)
to Devils Tower NM
to Yellowstone NP
to Grand Teton NP
to Craters of the Moon NM?
to Seattle

Clearly, I am taking the most direct route possible.


union station

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the yale shuttle

Np, we aren't drunk at all.

Friday, April 11, 2008

latin party

Monday, April 07, 2008

to do

I wrote this up today in class. It kinda sucks. Starred items are
urgent. Ugh.

where is everyone?

It's 11:25 and we're supposed to have a 11:30 meeting? Oooh... Food
just arrived.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

plastic bottles

Greg, I know you love your Nalgene bottle, but they're too heavy and a bit unwieldy. Instead, I use a cheapass used 20oz. soda bottle. Cheap, light, and very very replaceable.

However, I was just told about the potential dangers of using these bottles. I've been known to use a single one for a month at a time (before losing it), so I decided to check it out. Besides, what's better than procrastinating when I'm just putting off sleep?

So what did I find? Basically everything kills you or makes you sick. All materials can potentially do bad stuff to you. Soda bottles leach metals into your drink. Nalgene bottles can have effects on your endocrine system. Aluminum causes Alzheimer's. Glass can lead to swallowing shards of glass. Everything hosts bacteria. Great.

I think I'll still use soda bottles. As I said before, cheap, light, replaceable. Also, contains less of that harmful metal than ripe fruit, wine, and a ton of other stuff that can kill us if we are exposed to excessive amounts of it. As for bacteria? That's what my immune system is for.

friends map

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, my best friends are in the middle of nowhere. Why? Because they've managed to meet friends from other circles.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Just froze up again. Thankfully, I saved this time. But it still took 5-10 minutes to fully reboot. Damnit.


Computer just froze and I spent the last half hour redoing changes to a spreadsheet and a Photoshop file. Damnit. I should save more often, and perhaps be a little bit more careful before closing an auto-recover file.

Friday, April 04, 2008

im racist?

I'm taking procrastination to a whole new level. The question we're looking at is what the ethnic makeup of my IM buddy list is. The sample was taken at 16:12EST and includes people from my "primary" groups on my buddy lists - that meaning the people I consider good friends. The one caveat is that there is a "family" bias. I'm not going to get into what that means.

Here are the results:
Conclusion: None. Seriously... you think all my friends are on IM?
The other conclusion: Microsoft Excel has something against Thai people?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

yale, i hope this is worth the effort

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I saw a photo from Halloween of me throwing a football the courtyard while wearing my Riddler costume. I now know exactly how scary looking I was.