Monday, November 30, 2009

updated wish list - again

The only changes from last time are the removal of the messenger bag (bought it already) and moving up of the computer stuff. That hard drive situation is getting dire.

Added ski goggles

Computer stuff:

A 2TB WD Green HD (I've already almost filled up 1TB with photos and movies)
A decent 24" 1080p display (might do more work from home?)

Bike stuff:
A decent, fast road bike with a super wide range of gear rations both high and low (for the summer and longer rides, especially the Burke Gilman)
Some panniers? (maybe... I haven't used these before)

General stuff:
Sunglasses (last pair finally broke down and disappeared into an alpine lake up in the Grand Tetons)
Bike glasses (getting bugs in your eyes at 20mph is not fun)
Black Oakley A-Frame ski goggles with Pink Iridium lenses
Amazon gift certs (Kindle purchases?)
REI gift certs (I'll inevitably need something bike, ski, or hike related)

Friday, November 13, 2009

travel pre-plans

Something about my "empty" passport bothers me... and I haven't been on a real vacation in half a year and I'm not going on one for another half year. So... here's to some thinking...

Let's say Berlin, Istanbul, Jaipur, Hong Kong (and probably China along the way). Now prices (for my own personal future reference):
Star Alliance: $3907
Oneworld: $3900+tax+crappy flight options
Individual flights: $6000+

Hrm... not cheap.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

random thoughts

No, I don't always keep $200 hidden in my shoes.
It's great that I'm finally in a time zone where my friends are awake when I am, although they still won't be awake for at least another few hours (it's 6am on Sunday... EST).
It's great that my phone is no longer a fire hazard (as it was with the AirTel SIM in India).
I feel like I've spent more time working at Gate 90 at Newark International Airport than I have back at the office these past weeks.
Mmm... Dunkin Donuts
I have a presentation to give tomorrow. Maybe I should get started with that. Or maybe I'll do that when I get home.
If I know you, but I don't want to see you even if I had to travel halfway around the world and you happen to be there, you shouldn't be a facebook friend.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

um... i think i've had this tour guide before

what lif would call a small taj mahal

cruisin' down the rajpath towards india gate

Trust me. It's there.

the metro is hazy

red? fort

a smoggy day for sightseeing

Day 6?

Um... I've been busy, so no blogging during this trip. But today was a
free day where I could "be myself" and shake myself free of the
business trip... and the five star hotel.

So yes, I am the guy that negotiated the fare for the auto rickshaw
ride back to my five star hotel from 150 Rs to 50 Rs (or from $3 to $1).

Things here are cheap when I am not at the hotel. A meal at a decent
restaurant goes for about 120 Rs ($2.50) a dish. Breakfast here (I'm
at the hotel) costs around 750 Rs ($15). The tea itself is 180 Rs.
Yes, the tea is good, but not *that* good.

This morning I had a Parantha Aloo and Tea for breakfast (530 Rs. I
refused the upsell to the buffet), then used the 220 Rs ($4.5) I saved
for the 10 mile cab ride to the Red Fort.

Outside of the hotel, I used about 1500 Rs ($30) today. Good thing I
didn't take the hotel's insane offer for a car for 4000 Rs. And no
for the 2500 Rs car to the airport. I'll find my own way, thank you.