Monday, November 19, 2007

vinny vinny!

For those of you who watch the NFL, we are about to watch some drama unfold this year... and my guess is that it will somehow be overlooked by those crazy stats guys who work for the TV networks. So what is this drama?

Vinny Testaverde is likely to achieve the milestone of being sacked for negative 3,000 yards for this illustrious NFL career. Yep... He's just 26 yards shy.

As a comparison, Jon Kitna, another favorite journeyman QB only 1,715 yards lost. Another interesting stat is that while Kitna has fumbled 94 in 118 games (almost a fumble a game), Testaverde only has 71 fumbles... in 230 games (or one in three).

So what about Favre? He'll probably make the mark next year. Right now he's only got 2,884 yards lost on sacks.

Friday, November 09, 2007

idiotic proposals

Route 1 - Similar to this year's. See the same people, see different stuff.

Route 2 - The drive across Canada on the Trans-Canada Highway. Yes, starting in NB.
I like Canada. Lack of A/C makes this appealing, the strength of the Canadian Dollar doesn't.

Route 3 - The entire length of I-80
Pointless. I don't even get to see any new states.


Came across this while I was cleaning up my bookmarks (like a dork). So what sort of IDIOT will drive across the country by HIMSELF in five days?

The Return Trip

My love with I-90:
We went ALL THE WAY!
I was within half a mile of I-90 the entire trip across except for seeing my parents in Cleveland

So what next? I need to think of how I'll drive back across when I move to Seattle. I'll probably swing through Texas again (because I have friends there). I'd like to check out Arches National Park, maybe the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Hrm... Might as well hit up Zion again? Perhaps swing north to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone? I'll think about it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Some entertainers remain successful over time by reinventing themselves. Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few. Sylvester Stallone, once known for his gutsy roles such as Rocky Balboa and Rambo, is now facing a turning point in his career. At the ripe age of 61, he can no longer rely on the same formula that has been so successful for him in the past. So what does he do? He reinvents himself.

Rather than play the role of a hero in his prime, Stallone has transformed himself into the aging action star that can play the role of an over-the-hill hero who can still get in a good punch before bursting a vein and collapsing. He pioneered this with his role as Rocky Balboa in Rocky Balboa, and will be looking to continue his success with his new film, Rambo.

So what's next for Stallone after Rambo? Perhaps Death Race 2010 or
Cash and Tango which could help Stallone revive the career of fellow actor Kurt Russell.

Some other Stallone movies with sequel potential:
  • Cobra
  • Judge Dredd
  • Over the Top
  • Cop Land
  • Get Carter

Sunday, November 04, 2007

green is universal

I'm watching Sunday Night Football right now and they're doing this thing saying "Green is Universal" where they are promoting conservation. They even have the lights off in the studio! They're also saying that they'll start shutting down the studio each night. Shouldn't they be doing that anyway?

Anyway, if you really want to save energy, just the the obvious things like turn off the lights when you aren't using them, buy energy saving bulbs, and don't make gratuitous use of electricity of fuel. That means you, Alissa... and David! I know that you left the lights on in the apartment over the summer. There's no other reason why the electricity would go up when 2 of the 3 people move out.