Sunday, January 31, 2010

iPad mini

my new iPad mini

Unlike the full size iPad, it also has a phone, camera can fit in my
pocket. Amazingly, still the same amount of storage and battery life!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

jackie brown

I had Jackie Brown on yesterday, and as I was skipping in and out of paying attention, I realised there were all sorts of actors playing atypical roles.

Samuel L. Jackson plays all sorts of roles, but considering the last movie I saw with Samuel L. was Star Wars, it was funny seeing the same man who plays a Jedi knight running around with a crazy pony tail and braided beard.

Michael Keaton plays some jackass ATF agent.

Bridgette Fonda plays Samuel L.'s blonde surfer chick that he keeps around, basically smoking up all day and doing um... other things...

Like Robert DeNiro, who's just some random thug.

Also making random appearances: Debo from Friday is in the movie along with Chris Tucker who basically just gets shot.

Aside from that, this is a very under-appreciated Tarantino flick. It's not as distinctly Tarantino, but that's mostly because he doesn't go over the top the same way he did with Pulp Fiction and most of his stuff afterwards. Just a good balance of randomness and goofiness in the characters and the character development.... and, of course, the music.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i had a dream... two of them!

Both crazy:

Dream 1:
Dealt with middle school, guy from b-school/work, and poop. I'll spare you the details.

Dream 2:
I was on the Blue Line back in Shaker on my way to the airport. Apparently I didn't make it home the previous night. It was 10am. I didn't remember when my flight was so I wasn't even sure I needed to head to the airport that early. I checked my calendar on my phone and saw that I didn't need to be at the airport till 1pm or so. At this point the train started moving. I would have gotten off, but the train was already in motion. I thought about not paying when I got off. Maybe I would pretend to swipe my transit card. I looked at the payment receptacle and then remembered that they don't use those in Cleveland.

At the next stop I hop off (without paying). I'm at the Farnsleigh stop. I start walking home. I think about dropping by the Pearl of the Orient. I also think about whether I should take the short way straight up Farnsleigh to Belvoir to South Woodland or if I should go through Thornton Park. I realize that I've never been to Thornton Park (really, I haven't).

At some point I get home. I'm upstairs in my bedroom looking for socks. I find three pairs of socks that are already rolled up (like my mom would do... I prefer not to roll up my socks). I'll be bring those with me so I don't want to wear them now. I find another pair of socks in the corner of the room. Same thing. I finally find a pair of light brown socks that I plan on leaving in Cleveland and I wear those.

Forgotten dream:
There was also some part of some dream where I was with a bunch of people from my past. When I woke up I could remember who all those people were. However, since I had to write about the bathroom in excessive detail, I've forgotten about this part. You're welcome!