Sunday, January 17, 2010

i had a dream... two of them!

Both crazy:

Dream 1:
Dealt with middle school, guy from b-school/work, and poop. I'll spare you the details.

Dream 2:
I was on the Blue Line back in Shaker on my way to the airport. Apparently I didn't make it home the previous night. It was 10am. I didn't remember when my flight was so I wasn't even sure I needed to head to the airport that early. I checked my calendar on my phone and saw that I didn't need to be at the airport till 1pm or so. At this point the train started moving. I would have gotten off, but the train was already in motion. I thought about not paying when I got off. Maybe I would pretend to swipe my transit card. I looked at the payment receptacle and then remembered that they don't use those in Cleveland.

At the next stop I hop off (without paying). I'm at the Farnsleigh stop. I start walking home. I think about dropping by the Pearl of the Orient. I also think about whether I should take the short way straight up Farnsleigh to Belvoir to South Woodland or if I should go through Thornton Park. I realize that I've never been to Thornton Park (really, I haven't).

At some point I get home. I'm upstairs in my bedroom looking for socks. I find three pairs of socks that are already rolled up (like my mom would do... I prefer not to roll up my socks). I'll be bring those with me so I don't want to wear them now. I find another pair of socks in the corner of the room. Same thing. I finally find a pair of light brown socks that I plan on leaving in Cleveland and I wear those.

Forgotten dream:
There was also some part of some dream where I was with a bunch of people from my past. When I woke up I could remember who all those people were. However, since I had to write about the bathroom in excessive detail, I've forgotten about this part. You're welcome!

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