Sunday, July 30, 2006


1 foot of emissions hose replaced: $2

2-3 gallons of gas saved: $6 - $9

Somehow I managed to drive from Cleveland to DC on just 12 gallons of gas, an impressive 32.35 mpg. What's up with that?

ooh... how safe

To Graduate and Professional Students:

I am writing to let you know of an attempted robbery and shooting last night involving four graduate and professional students in the yard of a house located at Mansfield and Tilton Streets. The students were approached by a man wearing a mask with a handgun who demanded money. In the ensuing struggle, the gun was fired and one of the students was injured. He is recuperating in the hospital. Yale and New Haven police have arrested the man, and he is now in the custody of the New Haven police.

While this incident is not part of a pattern of crime, it is most serious, and I urge those of you in New Haven this summer to exercise caution. Call us immediately if you feel unsafe or see anything or anyone that is suspicious, by dialing 911 or 203-432-4400. You may wish to program these numbers in your cell phones.

Chief James Perrotti

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

burn cream, part deux

So, days after I managed to burn myself while cooking some pierogies, my finger seems fine. There's a slight mark, but other than that the burn cream worked like a charm.

How well did it work? Well enough for me to burn myself again! This time instead of a small burn, I decided to splatter some hot cooking oil on my hand. About 20 times bigger than the last one!

Really, it was accidental. I clearly lack the experience of those who work at Long John Silvers, as I burned myself while frying up some talipia fillets. I'll um... be more careful next time.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

driving news

First of all, I made an estimate of the amount of time I drove during my last trip to Canada. Over 8 days, I drove approximately 40 hours. Nice.

Secondly, I got a letter today from the Ohio BMV telling me that I got a ticket from NJ and that it was going onto my record. Too bad I don't have a license in Ohio anymore!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Most used airports (by me):
40 - CLE
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (meaning we have seasonal service to London)
14 - HKG - Hong Kong (Lantau Island, awesome airport)
7 - SEA - Seattle/Tacoma
7 - CAK - Akron/Canton (rocks)
6 - ORD - Chicago - O'Hare (kinda sucks)
6 - BOS - Boston
5 - MSP - Minneapolis/St. Paul
4 - NRT - Tokyo, Japan - Narita (sucks)
4 - PIT - Pittsburgh
4 - LAX - Los Angeles
4 - HNL - Honolulu (nice outdoor garden)
4 - LAS - Las Vegas (most expensive food anywhere)
4 - CHC - Christchurch
3 - PHL - Philadelphia
2 - HKG_old - Hong Kong (old airport in Kowloon)
2 - SAN - San Diego
2 - PEK - Beijing, China
2 - LHR - London, UK - Heathrow
2 - KWL - Guilin, China
2 - TXN - Tunxi, China
2 - TPA - Tampa
2 - DTW - Detroit
2 - MCO - Orlanda
2 - KMG - Kunming, China
2 - IAH - Houston - George Bush
2 - EWR - Newark (sucks)
2 - LGW - London, UK - Gatwick
2 - YUL - Montreal, Canada
2 - KIX - Osaka, Japan (nice, but far far away)
2 - ATL - Hotlanta (they have a Popeye's)
2 - RDU - Raleigh/Durham (they have a Popeye's)
2 - AKL - Auckland, New Zealand
2 - SYD - Sydney, Australia
1 - JFK - New York - JFK
1 - ANC - Anchorage
1 - IAD - Washington - Dulles
1 - AMS - Amsterdam, Netherlands (nice)
1 - FCO - Florence, Italy
1 - DLU - Dali, China
1 - LJG - Li Jiang, China
1 - MDW - Chicago - Midway
1 - WLG - Wellington, New Zealand

Friday, July 14, 2006

burn cream

So I finally got to test out this fancy burn cream that I bought in China. Yes, the one where there was the demonstration with the guy who grabbed a red hot chain and then applied the burn cream to demonstrate the effectiveness.

No, I wasn't playing with red hot chains, but I did decide to fry some stuff in a pan without using the proper utensils. Long story short, my pinkie came in contact with the pan. I applied the burn cream and it's not swelling or anything, although it did leave a small mark. I do understand what the employees said about how it still hurts though.

So I've got gimpy hands for the next few days. Yeah, I also jammed my index finger last night playing ultimate. Those of you I work with probably noticed the nice tape job I had on it. Precautionary. Those of you who I play ultimate with probably know about how I practice throws with my left hand just in case. Well, I hurt my left hand, not my right... and I'm OK with that. (-:

Plus I can still type. (-:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

educational link of the day


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This is awesome. I'm going to rent some censored DVDs!

And isn't it funny that their most popular rental is "Wedding Crashers"? Especially considering that they take out all nudity, profanity, violence, and sexual content? What's left???

They also have a *great* definition of profanity:
This includes the B-words, H-word when not referring to the place, D-word, S-
word, F-word, etc. It also includes references to deity (G-word and JC-words
etc.), only when these words are used in a non-religious context.