Saturday, November 07, 2009

Day 6?

Um... I've been busy, so no blogging during this trip. But today was a
free day where I could "be myself" and shake myself free of the
business trip... and the five star hotel.

So yes, I am the guy that negotiated the fare for the auto rickshaw
ride back to my five star hotel from 150 Rs to 50 Rs (or from $3 to $1).

Things here are cheap when I am not at the hotel. A meal at a decent
restaurant goes for about 120 Rs ($2.50) a dish. Breakfast here (I'm
at the hotel) costs around 750 Rs ($15). The tea itself is 180 Rs.
Yes, the tea is good, but not *that* good.

This morning I had a Parantha Aloo and Tea for breakfast (530 Rs. I
refused the upsell to the buffet), then used the 220 Rs ($4.5) I saved
for the 10 mile cab ride to the Red Fort.

Outside of the hotel, I used about 1500 Rs ($30) today. Good thing I
didn't take the hotel's insane offer for a car for 4000 Rs. And no
for the 2500 Rs car to the airport. I'll find my own way, thank you.

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