Sunday, November 08, 2009

random thoughts

No, I don't always keep $200 hidden in my shoes.
It's great that I'm finally in a time zone where my friends are awake when I am, although they still won't be awake for at least another few hours (it's 6am on Sunday... EST).
It's great that my phone is no longer a fire hazard (as it was with the AirTel SIM in India).
I feel like I've spent more time working at Gate 90 at Newark International Airport than I have back at the office these past weeks.
Mmm... Dunkin Donuts
I have a presentation to give tomorrow. Maybe I should get started with that. Or maybe I'll do that when I get home.
If I know you, but I don't want to see you even if I had to travel halfway around the world and you happen to be there, you shouldn't be a facebook friend.

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