Sunday, April 13, 2008

am i really moving to seattle?

Yes, although I'll be pulling many disappearing acts right after getting there. This will probably have some pretty negative implications for my social life there, but at least I already know people!

Mid-July: Arrive in Seattle
Jul 21: Start work
Jul 26-27: Go home to Cleveland
Aug 2-6: Brother comes to town
Aug 8-10: Wedding (not mine!)
Aug 16-17: DC
Sep 19-21: High school reunion
Oct 10-12: Yale, NYC

And in case you're wondering about the road trip, here's the tentative plan for everything before I get to Seattle:
Drive to Cleveland
Drive back to New Haven
Fly to Orlando
Drive to Hollywood, FL
Drive back to Orlando
Fly back to CT
Drive to Cleveland
Drive to Baltimore
Drive to DC
Fly to Seattle
Fly back to DC
Drive to Cleveland
to St. Louis
to Dallas
to Houston
to Austin
to Abilene? (because Paige told me there's food there)
to the Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns
to White Sands NM
to Saguaro NP
to Joshua Tree NP?
to Los Angeles
to Seqouia NP/Kings Canyon NP
to Death Valley NP
to Las Vegas
to Grand Canyon NP
to Zion NP
to Bryce Canyon NP?
to Arches NP
to Rocky Mountain NP?
to Badlands NP
to Theodore Roosevelt NP (because it happens to be a state I haven't been to)
to Devils Tower NM
to Yellowstone NP
to Grand Teton NP
to Craters of the Moon NM?
to Seattle

Clearly, I am taking the most direct route possible.

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