Sunday, April 20, 2008

mission accomplished

I was sitting here on my computer listening to some music and playing this game that a friend of mine recommended on his blog. That, combined with the "heat" of a nice spring day in New Haven was apparently too much for my computer to bear. It overheated and shut itself down to keep itself from self-destructing (literally).

Sigh... That was the final straw that got me to do what I should have done a while ago - clean out my computer. 45 minutes later, the HSF can now support airflow. Instead of running at 60C+, it's now running at 50C, which is 10C less than it was earlier today (with the case off for that matter), and a full 6-8C less than what it generally ran over the past winter. It also booted up much much faster, perhaps because it wasn't throttling itself to keep itself from the brink of death as it's probably been doing for the past two years. Maybe I don't need a new computer after all! Just a bigger hard drive and more RAM...

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