Sunday, April 06, 2008

plastic bottles

Greg, I know you love your Nalgene bottle, but they're too heavy and a bit unwieldy. Instead, I use a cheapass used 20oz. soda bottle. Cheap, light, and very very replaceable.

However, I was just told about the potential dangers of using these bottles. I've been known to use a single one for a month at a time (before losing it), so I decided to check it out. Besides, what's better than procrastinating when I'm just putting off sleep?

So what did I find? Basically everything kills you or makes you sick. All materials can potentially do bad stuff to you. Soda bottles leach metals into your drink. Nalgene bottles can have effects on your endocrine system. Aluminum causes Alzheimer's. Glass can lead to swallowing shards of glass. Everything hosts bacteria. Great.

I think I'll still use soda bottles. As I said before, cheap, light, replaceable. Also, contains less of that harmful metal than ripe fruit, wine, and a ton of other stuff that can kill us if we are exposed to excessive amounts of it. As for bacteria? That's what my immune system is for.

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Greg said...

That's it. From now on I'm not drinking anything under 20% ethanol. That should ward off those pesky microbes.