Saturday, August 21, 2010

the worst people to sit by

They come in with muliple bags of fast food
They have a small child
They have an infant
They have a screaming infant
They have a screaming infant with pierced ears and ear rings
He drinks
They fart
They fart a lot
The person sitting behing you hits your seat
They have other people traveling with them handing each other stuff in
front of your face
They need to go to the bathroom three times
They take forever going to the bathroom
They are traveling with some guy who offers them chocolates by putting
his crotch at your face and then stretching so you can see his hairy
orange belly
Their infant throws things
Their infant likes smacking your table
They constantly eat crap (Reeses pieces, chocolate covered nuts, boxed
chocolates, cookies, nuts, several random boxed candies). They didn't
get to the chips
The dad, out of laziness, asks if he "can throw" his son over you into
the aisle. No, there is no one there to catch him.

On the plus side, no throwing up! (yet?)

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