Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 reasons why miami international airport sucks

1. I had to walk over half a mile to get to customs
2. I had to walk another half mile to my gate
3. Half the walkways and escalators were broken
4. Nothing here is open in F terminal except for the overpriced juice
place that has terrible food
5. I had to go through the ticketing area to get to my connecting
6. Five foot wide corridors that serve as bottlenecks
7. The international baggage recheckin area is a total cluster
8. The show infomercials in the terminal
9. No 2G data connectivity (3G kills battery) and no free wifi
10. There are plenty of bathrooms on the walkway to customs, but none
by most of the gates in F terminal


Anonymous said...

No,shit. And guess what? It STILL sucks late 2012. STILL walk over half a mile to customs, where, upon entering, the AC is broken and all flights seemed to have arrived at once. Then you get out and walk another half a mile AFTeR having to go back through security. Or in my case, walk from d checking to e, then backtrack and walk another half mile to the gate. Wtf are they doing?

Unknown said...

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