Thursday, March 10, 2005

my toy's are outdated :(

The first one that I found out about was the new Canon Digital Rebel XT, the successor to my Canon Digital Rebel that I bought at the end of last year. Smaller, lighter, faster, more features. Same price. Damn... I may have to get one since the smaller and lighter bit are pretty important to me. The faster bit is also *very* nice. I could care less about the 8MP though. 6MP is plenty enough for me. Not to say I wouldn't use the extra 2MP... after all, I *must* shoot in RAW format (for some stuff at least).

Then while reading up on the new camera, I found out that there's a new iPod mini. 50% more storage and 50% more battery life. Same price (see a theme here). I'm ok with this one though. I'm still happy with my mini. 4GB is enough and it hasn't gotten any smaller. I have to admit the extra battery life would be nice, but I only use that when I fly to Hong Kong... and I only do that once every two years or so, and I'm not even going this year. I'll be fine... really, I will.

On the bright side, my 1993 Honda Accord SE is still old, still runs great, and apparently *still* has a market value of ~$6,000. Considering that I bought at a dealer for about $5,400 four years ago, I guess I'm doing pretty well. Just excuse the dent my mom left when she backed into my car last December. Still almost no rust! I can't believe I'm in Cleveland!

My Nokia 6200 has probably been discountinued, but they're still selling almost the exact same phone (it now has a camera, which I clearly don't need on my phone... see above). I'm happy with that. My year and a half old phone is still plenty small, and I have reception. (Damn you, Sprint!)

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