Wednesday, March 09, 2005

so i don't pay my dental bills...

I really would pay my dentist on time, but they certainly don't make it easy. They have three addresses (at least), 2+ phone numbers, and no automated billing system.

The first time I got my bill, I wanted to pay it. I really did! This was about 4 months ago? Well, I never did it. You know why? First, I wanted an envelope -- preaddressed. No envelope. Actually, not even an address. How am I supposed to send you payment if I don't know where to send it? I don't know. Maybe call them and find out their address? Oh wait... no phone number. Besides, even if I did have a phone number I know they don't have anyone to answer the phone usually. Oh well... I'll pay it the next time I have an appointment.

Got my second notice today. Same issues. Well, this time there was an address on the envelope. That helps, but who's to say that they would actually apply the payment to my account? After all, there are two Ip accounts (one for my parents). Considering it took them a year (literally) to split my account from theirs (pretty important from an insurance standpoint), I can't say I trust them to get this part right.

So here's the plan: Since I have an appointment coming up this month, I'll just pay it in person. Maybe I'll even remember my checkbook.

It's not that I don't like my dentist (I do, I think he does a good job), it's just the billing process needs some work. Please, make it easier for me to pay you. That's all I ask.

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