Thursday, November 03, 2011

this sandwich tastes like death

Feedback to Microsoft Dining Services:


I ordered the special ex-Yugoslavian sandwich (in café 86) figuring it would be good to try something new. I like it when there are new things at the cafeteria, but this time it was a big mistake. The sandwich is dripping in grease – both from the cheese as well as the seemingly deep fried super salty sausage. The sausage would be fine in moderation, but there is a generous portion of it. Sorry about rambling. Here’s a more orderly list of feedback.

The good:

  • Variety! I like the introduction of new items
  • Generous portion of meat/sausage
  • Onions were nice and fresh and tasty
  • It’s super filling. I walked in hungry since I skipped lunch this morning. I ate half of this sandwich and I’m full.

The bad

  • Sausage was too salty and greasy… and I love salt. It’s right below the threshold of what I can tolerate. But given the generous portion of sausage, it’s too much. I decided I needed a break from the sandwich so I can process the salt and grease. I’m using that break to write this email. This email is getting long because I am still recovering and my taste buds aren’t quite ready for more.
  • Overall grease level is super high – the cheese melts into more grease. See attached photos. The grease has soaked through the pita, soaked through the paper tray, and soaked through a bunch of napkins. I can feel it soaking through my fingers and back out through my pores while clogging my arteries and stopping my heart along the way. After writing this, maybe I shouldn’t finish this. I don’t want to die sitting here.
  • Visual appeal – lacks color. Brown sausage, pita, and white cheese and onions isn’t very visually stimulating. Some tomatoes or greens would make it seem more appetizing, although I don’t know if that’s straying too far from the ex-Yugoslavian recipe. For better or worse, the grease makes it glisten.

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