Tuesday, November 01, 2011

fantasy football

I was going to write about how awesome my Fantasy Football draft was halfway through the season, but after taking a look again, it wasn't all that great. After all, the only players still on the team are my picks from rounds 1, 2, 4, 6, and 9. That's 5 players our of 14 picked and only three of them (Vick, Johnson, and Pittsburgh) regularly start.

Thankfully, picking up Calvin Johnson in the 2nd round helps to cover up a lot of mistakes. Calvin Johnson has +23 points over the next highest scoring WR/TE and about double (or more) the production of all but the top 10 receivers. Calvin Johnson is like having an two or three WRs filling a single roster slot. Thank you.

I also did a good job with pickups throughout the season.
  • Antonio Brown is ranked 14th in points scored among WR/TE
  • Rob Gronkowski is ranked 10th in points scored among WR/TE
  • Darren Sproles is ranked 6th in points scored among RB
  • Dan Bailey is ranked 4th in points scored by K
Right now I'm 5-3 with hopefully some better luck the rest of the season. Wish me luck.

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