Sunday, June 08, 2008

it's been a while

It's been a while since I've sent in a blog entry via my iPhone/e-
mail, but I'm back at it. Right now I'm on Alaska Airlines Flight #3
from Reagan National Airport to Seattle. It's my first Alaska
experience, but so far it's been good. Friendly staff, which is
tougher and tougher to find these days.

Anyway, I'm on my way to Seattle to spend a week looking for
apartments. It'll be a combination of broker and Craigslist. I started
looking up some places Friday and I've got two or three places to
check out tomorrow. I've got all week, but I want to do it right and
I've got to start somewhere. I'm getting a little tired of moving
every year or year and a half and I'm looking for a good place that I
can stay at for a few years and feel like I'm living like a normal
human being (in the States).

As for my car, I am still getting plenty of satisfaction knowing that
my 15 year old car is just as reliable as any new car (in my mind) and
costs very little. Besides, I'm soooooo close to 200,000 miles it'll
be wrong to give up now. After that, I guess I can shoot for 250,000,
aka a quarter of a million miles. I thought of that after someone said
to me "don't you have a million miles on that car?" when I told them
about my drive across the country.

Oh yeah, I'm also working on my reading list. I just finished The
Tipping Point, by Gladwell. I also started re-reading Zhuge Liang's
Mastering the Art of War, not to be confused with Sun Tzu's better
known (and earlier) work, The Art of War. This book has similar
concepts, but much more directly applicable to today's world. The
author is also featured in the neo-classical novel Romance of the
Three Kingdoms and in the series of Koei video games it has inspired.
In other words, the author is a badass in some video games that you
can play on your favorite console. But anyway, it's a great book. How
great? Wesley Snipes had it to read on the plane in the feature film
Passenger 57. BADASS!!!

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