Friday, June 06, 2008

bleeding cash

So I have a job, and I have a nice relocation package, and I AM BLEEDING CASH. I have no income till the end of July at the earliest, and I'll have a ton of expenses from the summer to cover.

It started with looking at how much I had saved, how much I will need to spend, and when I get paid. That progressed to looking at when billing cycles for credit cards are. Now, after learning that I have to pay for the $200/night room for four nights next week out of my own pocket (to be reimbursed probably in August), I'm looking at the magical world of credit card APRs and balance transfers.

Looks like Chase has a sweet deal with no fees. That's all I'm looking for really - something with no fees with an APR that's lower than the typically insane credit card APRs. I usually ignore those since I always pay my bills in full. Except I CAN'T! Thankfully, I think I have found some weird solution. Let's hope this deal sticks around.

Even if it doesn't, I can always get a huge cash advance from my First Internet Bank credit card that I rarely use. No fees and 12% APR. It'll cancel out half of my 1% reward from my credit cards, but I guess I'll live. Damn it.


mbagladiator said...

can we go to egypt instead of this roadtrip? dammit.

Greg said...

You can always collect on my outstanding $5 loan a little early... that's got to be worth, what, $40 by now?

Paul Ip said...

No, just $20. I'll wait another 10 years for the amount to quadruple again.