Friday, February 08, 2008


So the restore worked. Mostly.

The good:
Bookmarks are there. Home icons are all there. Photos are there. Notes are there. My Safari cookies were restored too.

The missing:
  • My WiFi networks are gone. The passcode lock is gone. Mail password is gone. Looks like anything dealing with passwords is gone. Weird since my cookies in Safari were still there.
  • Surprising, or not surprising, is that my music wasn't synced. Surprising because that's what I thought made it take so long. Not surprising because I don't sync music to my laptop.

The weird:
  • It carried over the phone usage. I guess this makes sense if it's the same device, and useful if you're watching your minutes. Struck me as odd though.
  • It remembered where I was looking on Google Maps.
Does my inconsistent formatting bother you? It would bother me. I'm leaving it.

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