Friday, February 08, 2008


So I managed to lose my phone last night. Apparently I wasn't the only one. After losing it, I realized how dependent I am on the thing. I found myself repeatedly saying "damn" all morning whenever I would have used my phone.

Where's my phone?
Wanted to send an e-mail. "damn..."
Can't send a text.
Maybe I can call up...
Check the weather

I guess you can say I get some good value out of the thing. So much so that I've already gotten a replacement... less than 12 hours after it was lost.

Easy, or hard?
As with any lost phone, there's the price of the phone (expensive!), plus the extra gift of having to restore everything. Thankfully, all my contacts are synced with Outlook, so that shouldn't be a problem. The more annoying thing would be restoring all my settings, all my bookmarks, all my programmed WiFi networks, etc. For this, I was pleasantly surprised that iTunes gave me the option to restore my phone to where it was the last time I synced it with my PC (a weird "advantage" for not being able to sync the calendar without a cable). Well, it's taking forever, but at least it should (theoretically) bring the world back into order. I'd be pretty happy if the photos that I've had and my background image were restored since as far as I know I don't have that stuff anywhere else. Why is it taking so damn long? I suppose it's got a good 4-6GB of data to slam back onto the device. We'll see...

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