Monday, September 03, 2007

no love from google

As some would say, Google Docs really sucks the bag. Earlier this year I trusted Google Spreadsheets with my anal record-keeping spreadsheets. You know, the ones about my car's maintenance history and my spending habits and the like that make for really boring blog posts. Today I'm bringing everything back to Excel. Office 2007 is like crack. Once you get hooked, you can't get off. Anyway...

What up with Google Spreadsheets and:
  • How it just throws away formatting data?
  • How it can't remember the last sheet I was on?
  • How it's as slow as cold molasses?
  • How it discards my formatting data? (it's so annoying, it gets listed twice)
I guess I'm done. But if the little annoying things are so bad that I won't bother with the rest of its capabilities (whatever those are), that's bad enough. Google Spreadsheets, goodbye.

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mbagladiator said...

I've always advocated the phrase sucks the bag. I want to use it in class one day. For example - "Wow! The valuation conducted by xyz firm really sucks the bag...." or "IBM's decision to allow Microsoft control of DOS really sucked the bag" or "The bass model yields pretty low p and q coefficients, adoption of this new product will likely suck the bag"