Saturday, September 01, 2007

love from google

I recently messed around with my DNS entries so that my blog would show up as instead of or Predictably, my blog vanished from Google's search results.

Thanks to everyone who links, reads, or accidentally stumbles across my blog for making it relevant enough to come to the top of Google's search results once again for Paul Ip!

A historical tidbit - Darin and TC can vouch for me:
Back when I was a junior at CMU there was a while when searching for Paul Ip came up with To this day I don't know why this happened, but it's still good for laughs.

Plans for Labor Day weekend:
Sleeping Giant State Park Bike and Hike - bike there, then hike there
Bike to Lighthouse Point Park
Clean up my apartment
Microsoft related stuff (e-mail, reimbursement, etc. etc.)

I really would have liked to have gone into the Cascades this weekend, but no dice. I miss Seattle.

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Anonymous said...

Around the same time, if you searched for "Hot Asian Men" on Altavista, the top result would be my ex-roommate's home page, Scott Wen.