Friday, March 02, 2007

stupid seattle activity #2

Tracing the steps of Sir-Mix-A-Lot

Most people don't know that Sir-Mix-A-Lot is from Seattle, but just listen closely to the lyrics of his hit song Posse on Broadway and you'll see the clear path that he took that one night. If that isn't credible enough, consult Wikipedia.

I already traversed a good bit of the path on foot with Ross, but instead of stopping at Dick's for dinner that night, we opted for Ethiopian food instead at Queen Sheba, which was awesome. Next time. (-;

Here's a map I created because I'm being a dork and I don't feel like showering, going outside, buying food, or anything else that I really should be doing.


Ross said...

Excellent research! I hadn't ever actually heard or seen the lyrics before. He even gives a shoutout to 23rd & union - that's like 5 blocks from my apartment. 23rd ave in general (in capitol hill & the central district at least) is pretty shady, there are 3 or 4 intersections with blatant drug dealing going on after dark and sometimes during the day. 23rd and jackson is kinda shady but not the worst. I guess times have changed since Mix was cruising the streets.

"Swass" ?

Paul Ip said...

Or has it?

"Wheelin' 23rd we saw nuthin but thugs /
The girlies was to skinny from smokin all them drugs"

Seems like little has changed on 23rd.

As for "swass," check out Pretty specific to Sir Mix-A-Lot.