Thursday, March 01, 2007

my plans for the summer = microsoft's plans for the summer

Apologies to those I haven't informed personally about the news. It's been a crazy few weeks.

Quick summary:
Feb 15 - Feb 16: Setting up interviews with Microsoft
Feb 17 - Feb 19: Getting "ahead" with schoolwork, prepping as much as I can
Feb 20 - Feb 23: Travel/Interviews with the Office team and Windows Live team
Feb 24 - Feb 25: Attempting to return to New Haven
Feb 26: Return to New Haven
Feb 27: Attempt to keep up/catch up/work ahead (still not sure where I am)
Feb 27 - today: Get sick, stay sick, rest, drink lots of fluids

But anyway... about the job... I'll be interning with Microsoft as a Product Planner. What does that mean? Instead of writing out something from my perspective, here's a summary from someone who's done it as an intern.

And did I mention that the job is in Seattle?

Not to mention what's right by Seattle (not the girl... she's in Florida d-: )

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