Sunday, February 25, 2007


My flight was to leave an hour ago, and I'm still in Ross' place entering a blog entry. No, I didn't miss my flight. I was there three hours ahead of schedule. My flight was canceled.

Four hours later, after spending a full two hours on hold with American Express travel services, renting another car from Avis, and driving back to Ross' place, I finally have arrangements to get back to New Haven. It was no easy feat either. I was on hold for about 45 minutes at the airport, which was getting to the limits of my phone's now crappy battery. I should really get a new one. Three times this week I've dropped calls because my phone's battery crapped out on me.

Anyway, thanks to my handy charger, I was able to stay on the line with them for well over an hour, finally getting in touch with someone who was able to get me on a flight to White Plains, NY through Charlotte, NC. Nothing like going through five states on this trip. Awesome.

I'll be back in New Haven at about 1:00pm on Monday.

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