Thursday, February 22, 2007

cross-post, from seattle

This is a post that's going up elsewhere on another blog that I'm doing for the admissions office at Yale. Yes, I will continue to create unique content for this site. Exclusive content will include rants, stuff about my car, random links, and anything else that's either irrelevant, or unrelated to school.


Today I am writing from a hotel room in Seattle, Washington where I have two days of interviews this week. I arrived here Tuesday evening and I spent most of yesterday (about 6 hours) interviewing for one position at the company. Today I get a day off where I’ll spend most of the time either here in my hotel working, or across the street working in Seattle’s fancy new public library. I’ve visited Seattle the last three summers so I’m OK with spending most of the day as a recluse, and then spending the evenings hanging out with friends of mine who live here. Tomorrow, I have another big day of interviews beginning at 11:00am. I’ll be staying here for until Saturday night when I take the redeye flight back east.

As someone interested in a marketing position, I had most of my interviews in mid-January, and right now I am in the middle of wrapping up this entire operation. I have already received a very good offer from one company, and I am in the process of completing second round interviews for a second.

The whole recruiting process has been pretty crazy, and I’m looking forward to the end, which is approaching very quickly. Looking for a job is almost a job in itself and it’s been a challenge balancing my job search with academics and extracurricular activities. Granted, I feel that I’ve been able to get everything done and still manage to sleep 4+ hours each night, but I really am looking forward to a lighter load in a few weeks when Spring-2 (the second half of the spring semester starts). Looking forward to a lighter course-load (one less class), not have to worry about my job search, and more opportunities to do things outside.

Until then, I still need to focus on the here and now - meaning classes, and more importantly, my interviews on Friday. Wish me luck!

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