Saturday, June 18, 2005

oh hell...

I've started seeing what I need to bring for my upcoming trip, and I'm disturbed to report that I need to bring 5 pairs of shoes... sigh....
  1. Merrell Jungle Mocs - General shoes for everything - UPA conference, wandering Montreal, light hiking, wandering Japan. Not going to substitute another shoe since I know these rock. I overpaid for these shoes, but I'm still getting my money's worth.
  2. Timberland hiking boots - Crystal Lakes Trail, maybe some other trails in Olympic NP, climbing Mt. Fuji. Can't use the Jungle Mocs for some of these since there'll be severe wet spots. I overpaid for these shoes too, but I may break even if I destroy them on Mt. Fuji.
  3. Rockport casual shoes - Another thing to bring for the one night I'll be at a fancy restaurant in Montreal. What do you mean I can't wear my two year old treadless Jungle Mocs? I like these shoes and they're comfy, but they aren't waterproof like the Jungle Mocs. Not as comfy either. And no, I didn't overpay for these shoes. :-)
  4. Nike sandals - Almost decided against it, but if I'm going to be taking a dip in the Pacific they'll certainly come in handy. Depending on the weather I may wear them in Montreal too, but they aren't going to Japan. And no, I didn't overpay for these shoes.
  5. Running shoes - Some of my best travel experiences involve running... usually along a river (um... usually cities are built along rivers). Did this in London, Paris, and Minneapolis. Something to attempt in Montreal. Probably not worth the weight to take them to Hiroshima, but maybe?
To offset the shoe dilemma, I am happy about my light coldweather and rain gear. Funny part is that aside from my tights (from my superhero days), my best cold weather gear comes from this Hong Kong company, Giordano. That could explain why my grandma got it for me. She loves picking up deals. My guess is that cold weather gear isn't a hot seller in sub-tropical Hong Kong.

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