Saturday, June 18, 2005


So I finally closed my account with Ohio Savings Bank. Pain in the ass. I've been intending to do it for about two months now and finally got the winning combination of remembering about it on a Friday and being able to leave work early.

Funny thing is that closing my account was incredibly easy. Easier than updating my address! Something isn't right there.

Some consolation is that the teller I was dealing with was pretty nice, and we got into an interesting conversation about why I was closing my account. During this chat, I explained how my other bank, First Internet Bank of Indiana, is awesome because I get interest checking and I get reimbursed $6 in ATM fees each month - essentially enabling me to use whichever ATM I wanted anywhere in the country. Pretty nice, eh? She thought so. She wrote down the address for their web site as I was talking to her.

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