Wednesday, May 02, 2012

bike to do list update

An update on the "to do" list that I posted last August:

  • Bike to/from work
  • Bike to the beach (Discovery Park)
  • Bike to a hike (Discovery Park)
  • Bike camping (Lopez Island)
  • Take a ferry (to the San Juans)
  • Bike to a gas station (Chevron at NE 65th St and 35th Ave NE)
  • Bike to Vancouver
  • Bike across the border (Canada)
  • Bike to the duty free store
  • Carry some beer across town to a party
  • Carry some dim sum across town for a party
  • Bike to dim sum
  • Bike through an airport (Renton)
  • Bike to catch a flight (Seatac to JFK)
  • Bike to Sears (Overlake)
  • Bike on a highway (Barnet Hwy in Burnaby, BC)
  • Bike across a floating bridge (I-90)
  • Bike across an extradosed bridge (Golden Ear Bridge)
  • Bike 116 miles in a day (RSVP Day 1)
  • Bike the North Interurban Trail
  • Bike the South Interurban Trail
  • Bike all of the Burke Gilman Trail
  • Bike the Sammamish River Trail
  • Bike around Lake Sammamish
  • Bike through Duvall and Carnation
  • Bike to Fu Man Dumpling House (I think I did this...  I've definitely biked around there)
  • Get some fried chicken on the way home from work (I now do this regularly)
  • Cedar River Trail (meh)
  • Bike across a suspension bridge (Tacoma Narrows Bridge)
  • Go over 50mph (50.2 mph)
  • Bike the western side of the Puget Sound (RAPsody?)

To do:
  • Bike to a "real" hike (planned Mt. Si hike on June 30)
  • Bike to Mount Si (planned Mt. Si hike on June 30)
  • Bike to hike Mount Si (planned Mt. Si hike on June 30)
  • Bike across the Lions Gate Bridge (planned for August)
  • Bike to bike camping (planned for August 11)
  • Bike to an auto parts store
  • Bike to Target
  • Bike to dump off antifreeze at the hazardous waste site
  • Bike while carrying all my ski gear
  • Bike to go skiing???
  • Green River Trail
  • Sound to Mountains trail
  • Bike to hike Mount Pilchuck (or something else along that highway)
  • Bike to West Seattle
  • Do the Chilly Hilly
  • Bike across the Cascades

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