Thursday, January 19, 2012

bicycle benefits

This is really a "note to self." Apparently there is a discount program at that I should have been taking advantage of the past few years. I could be getting:
  • 1/2 off classic chocolate bars at Theo
  • 10% at Auto Battery
  • 2 for 1 admission at Central Cinema
  • A free t-shirt at evo
Those are only the places that I go to with some regularity. I could also have been rocking it at these other spots I hit up periodically:
  • $1 off beer at Arabica Lounge
  • A free topping at Bluebird (maybe I should finally go there)
  • 15% off at Liberty
  • 10% off at Louisa's Cafe
  • Something at Pie (what that something is? they don't say)
In other words, I could have saved an extra $30 or so over the course of a year. Nothing to cry over, but that's extra play money.

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