Wednesday, August 24, 2011

surly sight unseen

I just committed to buying a bike without seeing it. I think I'll be OK. I'm writing this post to justify all this nonsense.
  • Frame - $450 new, $200-$450 used
    It's the frame I want in the size I want. If it doesn't fit, I'm pretty sure Lee would be able to use it. No risk! Yay!
  • Ultegra Shifters - $350 new, $150 used
    I want a double on the front with 9 speeds in the back. If it's a 10 speed then I'll have to downgrade, but it would also mean that they're worth $50-$150 more. Plus, I may be able to sell them to Angela who's looking to turn her double into a triple... maybe. Slight risk, but not too terrible.
  • XT derailleurs - $200 new, $60 used?
    I'm pretty sure I can use these. There's a small chance I can't. I'll try my odds.
  • Wheels
    I'll probably be swapping out my wheels anyway. Given the high end components elsewhere, I might get lucky and get some nice wheels. I already have the replacement wheels on my other bike. (-:
  • Hutchinson Tour de France Tires - $90 new, who buys 6 year old tires?
    These tires are getting replaced. I am finicky about my tires after various flats around town. I'll be replacing them with some fancy Vittoria Randonneur Hypers! Stupid name, but they are nice slick fat tires.
  • Avid Canti Brakes - $80 new
    These are the brakes I want. Actually, they are nicer than the brakes that I want!
  • Extra brake levers - $80 new
    I may not need these. They're a nice bonus.
All in all, it may not be perfect, but at $525 (no tax!) it's a great deal. I was planning on having to pop about $200 in parts and I think it'll land somewhere in that neighborhood. I just hope I like the color.

I know no one cares about anything that I just wrote. Here are some pictures while they last:

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