Thursday, August 04, 2011

cost cutting hulu plus

I get most of my TV through hulu. Usually I don't get hulu plus, but I do enjoy some of the benefits, such as the archive of old shows and the ability to stream to my XBox and iPad. So how do I get hulu plus without paying for it?
  • IE9 - If you run IE9 and pin hulu to your taskbar in Windows 7, you get a free month
  • Facebook - If you "like" hulu on Facebook, you get a free month
  • Bing - I'm about to get three months of hulu plus by redeeming rewards from using Bing
  • Cheating - Sometimes I'll put my hulu plus subscription on hold. This way my free month could become 3 free months. I can put it on hold for 12 weeks at a time and take it off hold whenever I want.
So how much would I save? Next to nothing... or $8 a month, depending on how you look at it.

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