Thursday, June 16, 2011

New camera lens

I just blew $607 on a replacement lens for my camera. Granted, the last one was bought in March 2005 for $257. It lasted 6 years @ $43/year. I suppose I am saving $30 off list price and another $60 on sales tax. It also will use the 62mm filters that I already have from the lens that broke, saving me another $80 or so. Still pricey, though.

I am keeping the camera body - a Digital Rebel XT. Apparently it's still comparable to the camera that I would buy today. $900 well spent back in 2005? How does this compare to constant replacement of point and shoot cameras?

Cameras: 900+224 = $1124
Memory cards: 176+236+7 = $419
Lenses: $257-$70+???
Total: $1730

$288 a year... I guess that's comparable to what I did prior which was blow about that much a year on a new point and shoot... and the only thing that is broken is the $257 item...
2005 - $270 on a PowerShot SD200
2004 - $246 on a PowerShot A75
2003 - $270 on a Powershot S230 (I think this was a gift)

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