Tuesday, May 03, 2011

day 4 - selçuk and efes(us)

Took an overnight bus from Istanbul to Selçuk, the town by Ephesus.
The bus ride kinda sucked. I'm pretty convinced by this point that
these fancy Mercedes buses have inadequate a/c. On the upside, we
got to take a ferry, plus we got to Selçuk a little past 6am and we
got to Efes about a half hour before it opened.

We started off at the lower entrance, where the tour buses pick people
up, so we were going in reverse of the typical order. The early
arrival and the reverse order meant that we had the entire place to
ourselves for the first half hour. It was pretty awesome running
around the coliseum like idiots. Since most of the most impressive
sights were down towards we were, we definitely made it out ahead.

After walking 3km back to Selçuk, which the LP wrongly advises
against, we got a super tasty lunch way behind the bus station. Great
food at 1/4 the price of the LP recommended places. Yummy.

After, we hopped on another bus to Aydin where we connected to a bus
to Marmaris.

Now, I am on a boat right now to Rodos. I am kinda waiting to see if
anyone is going to throw up. (-:

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