Wednesday, May 11, 2011

day 12 - çay çay çay!

Spending the day writing postcards while drinking 45 Kr (30 cent) çay
with a bunch of old men. It's been a good trip. I'll have plenty of
retroactive blogging to do.

I just finished writing my 15 postcards. 5 to the DC area, 5 to the
Cleveland area, 3 to the northeast, and 2 to the great state of Texas.
There would have been more to Seattle, but I miscounted addresses by
forgetting to include the names of work friends from Progressive who
get postcards. Sorry. I'll get you other things!

Overall, Turkey has been great. Lots to see, friendly people, and
generally reasonable prices. Things may be different in peak season
though, so I'm glad I'm here in May and not June. I'll hear from the
parents what that's like, but I imagine a lot of sights may be
overcrowded and the locals may be lost in the sea of tourists, which
would be a damn shame, especially in Pumakkale, Marmaris, and Göreme.

Other brief descriptors:
Great roads
Çay çay çay!

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