Monday, December 13, 2010

scale - ski edition

A ski-related version of my other post "scale," comparing relative distances of places in Cleveland and Seattle.

One Hour Drive:
I'll give the combined stats for both ski areas as if they were one... since that's kinda what Summit does too.
240' vertical
17 trails
85 skiable acres
20,000/hour lift capacity

2,280' vertical
52? trails
1.17 mile longest run (International)
1,981 skiable acres
34,490/hour lift capacity

Two to three hour drive:
750' vertical
58 trails
290 skiable acres
23,850/hour lift capacity

750' vertical
47 trails
1.3 mile longest run (Lost Boy)
285 skiable acres
26,620/hour lift capacity

3,100' vertical
57 trails
2.5 mile longest run
2,600 skiable acres
20,910/hour lift capacity

1,500' vertical
38 trails
1.75 mile longest trail (White Salmon)
1,000 skiable acres
FAQ seems to boast of how they have no phones, no WiFi, no ATMs, no TVs.

Within a day's drive:
3,050' vertical
140 trails
752 skiable acres
37,535/hour lift capacity

5,280' vertical
200+ trails (if they don't count, I won't either)
7 mile longest run (Peak to Creek?)
8,171 skiable acres
65,507/hour lift capacity

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