Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I slept for about ten hours last night and it was filled with crazy dreams. Some cast members were:

Three people from work
Two teachers from middle school
My brother
The Simpsons

Random excerpts:
  1. A coworker of mine is getting worked up about how he went through some transcripts from a research study to learn more about bit torrent and all he found was a javascript function bitTorrent(). I was thinking how I can just explain what the function probably did. Thankfully, the dream didn't get into that.
  2. I get some snail mail from this girl who also works at Microsoft. It contains her ATM card (which is shared with her brother or some other family member). Apparently she owed me money? It also came with instructions to mail it to some other person that she owed money to. Thank you, BofA, for making it into my dreamscape. You still suck.
  3. The Simpsons cruising down some random road in the southwest in a red convertible.
  4. Lots of class. Lots and lots of classes. And with it, lots of homework. I was thankful it wasn't due till after winter break, and then I realized that it's already almost January! Dammit! The teacher varied from my 7th grade biology teacher to some random guy with floppy dreads. A colleague of mine was there. She seemed to be totally on top of it.
  5. My brother and I were folding mattresses and blankets. I got done faster, but mostly because mine was normal and his was needlessly complicated with multiple pieces held together with staples and cable ties.
  6. Mr. Federer was there. I don't recall why.

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