Thursday, August 06, 2009

to the big fellow in the locker room

1. There is no reason to glare at other people who happen to glance over when they first notice you in the room. It's a natural human reaction (the looking, not the glaring).

2. I understand that your locker was right in front of my shower stall, but please, cover yourself. Instead of spending a minute meticulously laying out your towel on the floor (to keep your feet clean? where were you standing while laying out the towel?) maybe you could use it to cover yourself. And no, I'm not sure the profile view is better or worse than the full frontal.

3. I'm not sure why you needed to stand there naked for an additional minute. I'm even less sure of why you needed to turn directly towards me for that additional minute. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.


Greg said...

so just how 'big' was he?

Paul Ip said...

That's great, Greg. He was maybe 6'?