Sunday, June 07, 2009

day 2 - jerusalem... all of it

22 hours after arriving, we are done with most of Jerusalem. We
checked out all the main sights in the Old City and did some wandering
off the beaten path. We explored the Mount of Olives and Mount Zion.
We walked to the bus station and back. We checked out New Jerusalem.
We saw some random sights in between. We skipped the Archaelogical
Site because we already saw most of it from where we were walking (and
walked back to cover the part we didn't realize we were passing). We
climbed the ramparts of the city wall - and got yelled at once and
asked to leave another time) We ate dessert twice. We visited the
Wailing Wall
twice (for different lighting). We walked Via Dolorosa at least five
times. I've been identified as Japanese, Mexican, Filipino, and
Chinese. We went through the Damascus Gate at least four times (round
trip). We went through the Jaffa, Zion, Dung, and St. Stephen's Gates.
We walked by the New Gate and both sides of the sealed Golden Gate. We
checked out the rooftop walk through the common entrance and left
through some winding stairs through some Orthodox Jew community. We
saw where Christ fell with the cross, where he was betrayed, where he
ate dinner, where he died, and where he was laid to rest. We saw a
large rat. We saw lots of feral cats. We helped several tourists
navigate. We were checked out by some Israeli chicks with guns. Oh
yes... and we did jump shots.

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