Wednesday, January 28, 2009

speed test: ie7 vs. firefox

Try this at home, I will.  Results from using my corporate connection at Microsoft behind a proxy.  I did this after getting annoyed at how slow comScore was loading in Firefox.


IE7 pass 1 – 85997kbps download / 5846kbps upload

IE7 pass 2 – 81569kbps download / 5465kbps upload / 4ms ping

IE7 pass 3 – 81569kbps download / 5465kbps upload / 4ms ping


Firefox 3.0.5 pass 1 – 29946kbps download / 10747kbps upload / 14ms ping

Firefox 3.0.5 pass 2 – 24268kbps download / 6734kbps upload / 11ms ping

Firefox 3.0.5 pass 3 – 35298kbps download / 10221kbps upload / 10ms ping


IE7 has much lower latency (4ms vs. 10+ms) and much higher download speeds (2-3x faster), but much slower upload speeds.



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nivetha said...

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