Tuesday, December 02, 2008

wish list

I just ran to catch the bus. I wish I could stretch.

This year's wish list:
REI or Joe's gift certificate (for ski boots and a helmet, maybe pants?)
A season pass to one of the ski areas near Seattle (Snoqualmie?
Crystal? Baker?)
Adobe Photoshop
Newegg gift certificate (for the HTPC)
National Parks Pass (for June, actually)
Tickets to the 2010 winter olympics freestyle skiing or snowboard events
Noise reducing in ear headphones with volume control

A new 520 bridge with bike path
A motorcycle
Light rail from Capitol Hill to Redmond
A "cabin" at Whistler
No more student loans to pay off
An iPhone that works as advertised
Windows Live moving into WaMu's office building downtown
No WA sales tax for clothes

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