Sunday, October 26, 2008

more endorsements

Former Reagan Solicitor General and McCain supporter

The Anchorage Daily

On another note, please, for God’s sake, vote against Initiative Measure 985.  “Relieving congestion” sounds great till you see that it’ll open up the HOV lanes to everyone at 6pm.  Last time I checked, rush hour ended at 7:30.  Not only would it make congestion worse for the Puget Sound area, but it would also render the busses a non-viable alternative by clogging the HOV lanes.  End result:  even worse congestion.  Idiots…

Lastly, Washington State has the most awesome election materials I have ever seen.  It’s actually possible to make semi-informed decisions on most issues and they do an admirable job making the process as non-partisan as possible.  Here’s the online version.

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