Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So coming to Seattle to work full time, I knew that some things would
be different from last year. Some things would change for the better,
some for worse, and some would just change...

As always, I love optimizing my modes of transportation. I've been
rocking the bus pass at least five times a week whereas I used it
twice all of last summer. Not surprisingly, I'm also driving a lot
less. I think I've put on less than 2,000 miles since I arrived here
in Seattle and most of that was in the first two weeks when I was
driving to IKEA every day. Nowadays I use my car only once or twice a
week. Not bad.

I also got a bike Saturday. It's something I should have done last
year with the intern bike money. So far I've already biked to REI and
hit up downtown twice. The ride back up to my place sucks (I live 500'
up from downtown), but the ride down is exhilirating. And yes, I got a
helmet. (-:

Another odd change is my social life. I was a bit of a recluse last
summer... Yes - weird. I'm doing better this year, but still not at
biz school levels (which is probably a good thing, especially for the
liver). And yes, need to get back in touch with some people. At the
same time, I've been lucky to meet a cool chick that I've spent some
quality time with. Yeah, she's pretty... AWESOME. Heh heh.

Then there is work. I'll leave out the meaningful details, but I knew
some things would be different. It's been easier getting up to speed,
and the people are still cool. On a less significant topic, I always
knew last year that at some point I would stop abusing the free soft
drinks and start consuming bevs like a normal person. Rather than
constantly drinking endless Talking Rain sparkling waters, I've
started drinking more regular water from a plastic bottle. Probably
better for the teeth and the balance sheet.

So what else... um... I think I'm ditching cable tv at the end of
football season.

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