Saturday, August 16, 2008

a good night's rest

So I've finally made it to DC. Unlike my last set of flights, I was
able to get some good sleep on the red eye.

Three hours of sleep from Seattle to Charlotte, and an incredible two
hours of sleep from Charlotte to DC. So you may be wondering how it's
possible to get two hours of sleep on a half hour flight. Stretch your
mind a little...

9:10am - we board the plane, I start sleeping

9:40am - instead of taking off, we start taxiing

10:10am - instead of landing, we are still waiting in line to use the
runway. Looks like US Air has a shitty hub.

11:15am - we land, an 65 minutes late.

I have to admit that I had a great experience with US airways in 2004
when I got a brand new airbus to take me home from Rome, but that
doesn't make up for putting me on a plane where my seat was literally
missing, stranding me in Pittsburgh, and almost stranding me in
Charlotte in 2007. You guys really suck.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya! US Air is evil!!! Glad you made it okay!