Sunday, August 10, 2008

flying again

I'm on a flight up from LAX back to Seattle right now. We're going
straight up the Cascades so I'm enjoying my window seat. It's kind of
fun to see places that I've been from the air.

The first spot was Pepperdine University's georgeous front lawn that I
spent an hour on this afternoon. We then passed by beautiful
Bakersfield followed by Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National
Park, and Yosemite National Park. From the air I can tell that the
entire region is spectacular. The Yosemite valley is just a very small
part of it. We just passed Lake Tahoe.

Oh... So how do I know where I am? I'm taking my first flight on
Virgin America. The plane features power ports (120v and USB) as well
as satellite tv, and a google map showing where we are. It's a bit
buggy, but working enough to tell me where I am. With any luck we'll
get NBC back so that I can watch the Olympics (or Comedy Central for

The key missing feature is Internet. They were supposed to have it,
but either failed to get the software right or didn't get approval
from the FAA or FCC. My loss. )-:

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