Tuesday, July 22, 2008


What to do... despite making it back home in record time today (40 minutes), I have a feeling that there must be a better way than to drive to and from work every day. I'm close to city bus routes as well as the Microsoft Connector shuttle. But, city bus would still take forever because of stops and the Microsoft bus, from what I hear, doesn't go to the buildings where I work.

Solution? Tell me if this is crazy.
1) Rent a $15 locker at the transit center over by Microsoft where I can keep a bike. Then, take the Microsoft shuttle there and ride my bike the remaining mile or two to where I work. There's a bike trail that takes me right there. This means that I'll probably have an east side bike for work and a west side bike for um... when I'm on the west side. Two bikes. Overkill? The other bonus is that I would be able to ride my bike to the gym. Last year I never went to the gym because it was about half a mile away from work. Waaaaay too close to drive there, but too far to walk. Perfect biking distance though.

2) Motorcycle. Seems like a great way to exploit the HOV lane in the evenings so that I can get home reasonably fast. Plus, it's another machine for me to play around with... as if the car weren't enough... Downside is the cost of a bike, effort to get a license, and also insurance. Wah.

3) Do both. Who knows if I can get a seat on the Microsoft bus at all?

4) Car pool. This will be trickier since there aren't 60 interns living in the same complex. I'm not counting on it. I would need to find people who live by me and work by me and have similar hours. Ick.

5) Work from home a lot. YES.

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mbagladiator said...

The locker duo-bike option seems actually quite feasible given how you like to ride your bike during all seasons (including rain and snow).

Working from home a lot is also a great option.

I kinda like the motorcycle option too, but lately I've had that motorcycle itch hit me again. I blame the Dark Knight. the rain in seattle could make motorcycle riding not so fun though.