Saturday, June 28, 2008


Going to Death Valley today. It's supposed to be 117F there today. So
far the a/c has been holding up great and the radiator has also been
holding up very well. No problems yet cruising at 80-95mph in 100+
degree heat so far. If we're good, we'll even make it to Sequoia in
time for a hike!

Yesterday I tool the time in the morning to change the oil in the
hotel parking lot. I was curious if anyone would come out and yell at
me, but no one did. Activity of the day was hiking The Narrows at
Zion. Zion is still my favorite park. After four days there over two
years I have still not been disappointed. I have to say that my
favorite hike there is the Observation Point trail. Many people love
The Narrows, but I enjoy Observation Point Trail's variety.

Prior day:
Did a nice hike at Grandview at the Grand Canyon, then went to
Monument Valley. After visiting both the North and South Rim, I think
the South Rim is superior in terms of scenery and trails. And, I no
longer think the Grand Canyon is overrated, as I did before. But -
Zion is still my favorite.

Another day back:
Did the drive from Tucson to the Grand Canyon, passing through Sedona.
I wasn't planning on passing through Sedona, but I went based on
Dana's recommendation. It definitely has some fantastic scenery. I
can't say that I'm a huge fan of towns like that, but the location is
spectacular. We finished up the day by walking most of the Rim Trail
at the Grand Canyon and catching the sunset. Good times.

Day before:
Checked out the sand dunes at White Sands National Monument before
heading over Tucson where we took a stroll through the desert at
Saguaro Na... SNAKE!!!

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