Tuesday, June 03, 2008

gearing up for the road trip

So since I've gotten back to Cleveland I've been meeting up with friends, doing the occasional travel planning, and prepping the car for the road trip. There's been a few nagging things that needed to be fixed, plus just the routine check of things to make sure that everything is in order.

Right now my car is at 180,950 miles, so I went through the checklist of maintenance that should be done at 180,000 miles (which basically includes everything on the list. We'll get to those later.

Maintenance schedule from the 1993 Honda Accord Service Manual:
  • Idle speed - fine
  • Valve clearance - checked last summer, and should still be fine. Engine seems fine, so it should be OK.
  • Alternator drive belt - replaced 5/12
  • Timing belt - replaced 5/12 - probably could have waited till after the trip based on when it was last changed. Doh!
  • Water pump - replaced 5/12
  • Engine oil and filter - replaced 5/12, replacing again 5/15 (yes... 3,000 miles already)
  • Transmission fluid - replaced today
  • Engine coolant - fine, replaced last summer, to be replaced in Seattle
  • Cooling system hoses - fine
  • Air filter - cleaned yesterday
  • Fuel filter - good for another 30,000 miles
  • Spark plugs - good for another 15,000 miles
  • Fuel hoses - fine
  • Distributor cap and rotor - checked 20,000 miles ago, not due to be checked for another 40,000 miles
  • Ignition wires - replaced 20,000 miles ago, not due to be checked for another 40,000 miles
  • PCV valve - fine, and the gas mileage confirms
  • Brake hoses - aging, but fine
  • Brake fluid - replaced 5,000 miles ago, not due to be replaced for another 25,000 miles
  • Front brakes - fine, but front right could use a new caliper bracket due to a loose grommet and the resulting corrosion around the bolts. Bolts and brakes still operable, but I want to keep it that way. Part is ordered. Will be replaced tomorrow.
  • Rear brakes - fine. Calipers replaced 25,000 miles ago.
  • Parking brake - fine. but could use a slight adjustment if I get around to taking the console apart.
  • Exhaust - fine
  • Suspension bolts - Fine, except for the front right upper ball joint, which was beginning to crack. It could last another year, but I replaced it today anyway.
  • Front alignment - based on tire wear, fine
  • Tie rod ends and boots - supple and fine. Front right tie rod regreased (front left doesn't need periodic regreasing)
  • ABS - Front left sensor replaced 5/31
  • Catalytic converter heat shield - fine

Additional items checked:
  • Fluids are all fine
  • Front right driveshaft was slowly leaking grease. Replaced today.
  • Crappy Bosch oxygen sensor that intermittently fails (especially on I-10 in west Texas) has been replaced with a Honda oxygen sensor.
  • Windshield needs to be replaced. Claim filed.
  • Shifter is sticky sometimes - will grease if I get around to taking the console apart (along with adjusting the parking brake)
  • Cleaned carpets
  • Cleaned under the hood
  • Extra lights and fuses are in the glove compartment
  • Extra ICU in the glove compartment
  • Plenty of refridgerant in the trunk
  • Power steering fluid is at a borderline level - Honda OK fluid in the trunk
  • Will readjust suspension bolts tomorrow
  • Front right headlight was cracked and has been replaced (no more using a piece of gum as a makeshift repair)
  • Headlights have been adjusted
  • All lights are operational
  • Got a sunshade since it'll be hot in Baltimore, DC, St. Louis, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Death Valley, etc.

To dos:
  • Wash and wax!
  • Replace windshield
  • Make a ghetto dash cover from jeans, fleece, or something dark and textured/dull
  • Change oil 5/15
  • Rotate tires 5/15
  • Clean the rest of the interior
  • Grease shifter
  • Adjust parking brake

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mbagladiator said...

I feel very safe knowing you're doing all these things, well done - especially with the clean carpets.