Sunday, March 02, 2008

plans plans plans

I wake up this morning with an unsettled stomach from last night. (Happy Birthday, Patrick!) Yesterday was a great day and we got a lot of stuff done. I still have an 8-10 page paper to write that I haven't yet started, but we made a lot of progress in planning out things that need to be done between now and graduation.

  • Watching a New York Knicks game (NYC)
    This will be done Wednesday by leaving immediately after a meeting to catch the 4:24 Metro-North train to New York. Go Cavs!
  • Watching a New York Yankees game (NYC)
    Done last year. Might go again in May after classes end.
  • Watching a New York Mets game (NYC)
    Tickets booked for April 13th.
  • Watching a Red Sox Game (Boston)
    Discussion in progress with my peeps in Boston
  • Performance at Sprague Hall (NYC)
    Done. Although I wouldn't mind another one.
  • Performance at Woolsey Hall (NYC)
    Missed out on this one. I'm out of town the weekend of the last performance of the year (April 26).
  • Yale Repertory Theater (New Haven)
    Need to organize a group, but they're around till May 16th, so this is an after-classes-end activity.
  • Shubert Theater (New Haven)
    Might check out Hairspray when it comes to town later this year.
  • Yale Symphony Orchestra (New Haven)
    Planning on attending the free concert the weekend of commencement.
  • Visiting random Yale buildings (New Haven)
    Will do some random Friday with Klee?
  • Group outing to Chinatown (NYC)
    Will be combined with the Mets game, and all other excursions to NYC.

In addition to figuring all this out yesterday, we also managed to plan out a few other trips this weekend. Finally did planning for the Egypt trip (since we'll be there four days from now) and initial planning for three other trips - another drive across the country, attending a wedding, and going to Cleveland right after classes end to catch an Indians game (and visit the fam, or course).

Perhaps I should do some class work now?

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